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1-to-1 Personal Training

With 1-to-1 PT, I'll be able to customise a full end-to-end nutrition coaching and training programme to personally suit you. Furthermore, be assured that you're training under professional supervision, with your safety in mind. If you’re driven by results, are new to fitness, or would just like to train in a safe and comfortable environment, this is for you.

Group Training (2-4pax)

While your nutrition coaching is personalised, your training programme will be geared and paced for your small group's capacity. This option is cost-effective for professional supervision but will require you commit to a specific training timeslot. Choose this If you’re up for a fun, supportive training, with friends or peers.

Animal Flow Corporate & Group Classes

Animal Flow is a creative and fun bodyweight training regime that focuses on improving one's strength and flexibility. Each movement is smartly designed to specifically challenge your body's range of motion through active stretches. If Yoga and Capoeira were to have a baby, that would be Animal Flow!

Online Personal Training

Your nutrition coaching and training programme will be customized to your fitness goal but require your utmost commitment. This is exceptionally cost-efficient, as everything is delivered online, and you choose where to train. No more googling for workouts and diets - though I only recommended this, if you're already proficient in training.

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