Better Together

Here's what some of my clients say about me

I was gymming aimlessly for two years without much results, which was frustrating. I came across John's profile on Instagram, and hit him up for some personal training sessions. He provides me with very up-to-date dietary advice and systematic training regimes, backed up by extensive research that he does! Even though I don't train with him as much now, he still continues to give me updates on new methods of gymming and dieting. That really helped me tremendously in getting a better shape.

Marcus Goh

What do you want to achieve? It was all John asked me and I went on a journey I never regretted. He gave me practical tips and workout regime to work on, and made me accountable to why I started out in the first place! All it takes is one month of pure discipline to achieve what I have set myself to do. I would strongly recommend John to anyone who wants to be better, stronger.

Charlie Koh

John is an enthusiastic and encouraging personal trainer who is patient and professional. He provided me with a very personally-customised routine which allowed me to greatly achieve my fitness goals. He is truly passionate and even dedicates his own personal time to assist me to keep my daily nutrition intake on track.

Wu Meng Shan

John is a very professional trainer. Initially, I have reservations about personal training, but I wanted someone to help me achieve my goals. I am glad that I made the right choice in having John as my trainer. He is very patient, and most importantly his meticulous attitude impresses me the most. He would provide advice on my training and diet. He would be very progressive in his training program but knows where we are heading. I feel very motivated training with him. Indeed within a short while, I saw significant results. I lost 10 kg within three months! It made my life more regular, discipline and I felt good about myself. Fitness was not the only thing I got out of my training, and it has improved my overall well being. Moreover, this is just the start of my wellness journey.


Thank you for helping me to prepare me for my IPPT and for allowing me to achieve the Silver standard. This is something which I would never have expected to achieve in my lifetime. Your encouragement and constant reminders are indeed very motivating to continue to train hard.

Nicholas Chia

After heading to Aileron Wellness, I was briefed by John on his plan to help me restructure my diet and my activity rate to help me lose weight. He put me on a 12 week plan. After the 12 weeks, I have seen significant results. I started off at 93 kg and ended the 12 weeks at about 80 kg. I am still following that diet today.

Lim Cheng Wee

John is a very professional and caring personal trainer. He would take time to understand each of his client's lifestyle, their source of stress, eating pattern and more. Not only would he propose and suggest constructive solutions but also follow up with his clients regularly.I’ve a couple of personal trainers before, and I have to say that John is the easiest one to work with. Apart from his nice personality, I’m really thankful that he fixed my knee problem. I am born with discoid meniscus. The doctor could not do anything about it except through surgery. After 3 rehab sessions with John, my knee pain is totally gone.If you are looking for a knowledgeable and friendly personal trainer, John is definitely the one you should go for! P.S He speaks both English and Chinese fluently.

Chen Lin Ye

I started working out under the personal guidance of John since Jan 2018 and it has been a fruitful, learning, fun and at the same time an energizing experience working out with him! I'm gradually reducing weight and feeling more active, healthy in general, while my physical activity levels have improved a lot. John is not that tough master who insists tough workout and crash diets but more of an enabler who tries to bring a gradual and positive change to our lifestyle without drastically changing or pushing us to the brink. I'm looking forward to continuing my workout and furthering my goals of an active lifestyle through his guidance!


John’s training program has made me much fitter. My stamina has improved and recover quicker during my frisbee game.

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